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MP2015 Mixer Manual
MP2015 Manual
I collaborated with the engineering department to create every product manual. I described each control in language understandable by the anticipated end user.
Step-by-Step Software Guide
First Restaurant with Halogen
The Rane HAL system was difficult for some installers. This black box had dozens of connection options driven by software. I wrote a series of guides describing specific installations. This one is for a sound system in a restaurant that is easy operation for the employees. The HTML version is here.
HAL Infographic
HAL1x Infographic
Because there are so many potential connections and configurations to the HAL system, I created this infographic to include all the options. Comparing other HAL model infographics helped customers easily see the differences.
HAL System Overview
HAL Sytem Overview
Though more of a sales tool than a manual, this booklet describes each of the dozens of components to choose from to create customized sound systems for all types of venues.
Chapman Hall Sound System
Chapman Hall Sound System
I wrote this manual for the sound system in themain hall at the Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation. I assembled and configured the system for a team of volunteer operators.